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About Next Finance

Next Finance takes over receivables from other banks and finance companies, such as Santander Consumer Finance, Arenda, Dexia, Ikano Bank and Credit Europe Bank. These may relate to debts with payment arrears. Working with all involved, we deliver an optimum solution that takes account of the interests of both creditor and debtor.

What does Next Finance do?

If Next Finance takes over a receivable from another party, you will be informed about this in writing by Next Finance. You will then receive a letter stating from what date Next Finance has taken over the receivable and whom you can pay from that point in time. Receivables with no payment arrears are managed by Next Finance itself, while we outsource the collection of receivables with payment arrears.

The contact information is shown in the letter.


We consider it important to work in a responsible manner. Naturally, we do everything within the existing legislation and regulations. For this reason, we have a licence from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and we are affiliated to the Dutch Central Credit Registration Office (BKR). We are also a member of the Netherlands Association of Finance Companies (VFM).

Erkende incassanten

Next Finance works exclusively with certified collectors such as bailiffs and collection agencies.  These companies are bound by the codes of conduct of their own professional organisations. Bailiffs are affiliated to the Royal Professional Organization of Judicial Officers (KBvG) and the collection agencies to the  Dutch Association of Debt Collection Agencies (NVI).